Voluum – The Definitive Guide – Part I

Mobidea Academy’s Voluum Guide Part 1

This is the first part of our Voluum Guide Series. Stay tuned for more articles on Voluum!

Life teaches us valuable lessons. One of the most important ones is that you should always track your actions so as to be able to understand which have a positive influence on your results and which should be changed so that you can achieve concrete results.

If you think about the Media Buying process, you’ll understand that it’s the same reality.

Indeed, it’s super important for you to be aware of what campaigns are running, what’s the targeting you’ve got, the bids, which changes you’ve applied, what profit each campaign is bringing you, etc.

Trust me: this isn’t exactly a walk in the park when you’ve got around 1000 different campaigns you need to look after!

Don’t worry, though! Fortunately, the market offers a whole lot of solutions that will surely help you get it all together!

These tools are crucial for you to always keep your Media Buying activity well-organized.

In this article, I’m gonna tell you about a useful tool which can gather info from all your partners, match it, and give you what you need to know when analyzing stats: Voluum.

Why is Voluum So Cool?

  • Experience in affiliate marketing. Voluum was founded by the owner of zeropark.com, an ad network. This means it flourished from an affiliate marketing business and it’s based on the needs and requests of affiliates. Moreover, it develops in tune with new market trends.
  • Very fast. Voluum is one of the fastest solutions in the market, mainly thanks to its 4 data centers located in 4 continents, which allows it to redirect users to the closest data center. This obviously has a positive influence on both speed and click loss. In addition, if one data center experiences a technical issue, there are 3 more which can replace it in order to keep it going smooth.
  • No investment in additional equipment. Another great feature of Voluum (unlike many other tracker solutions which are Self-Hosted) is Cloud hosting. This can be extremely important for the beginner Media Buying newbie that’s only now starting to take the first steps in the business. In Cloud solution, you don’t need to invest on separate servers where you’ll install a self-hosted tracker. This will save you a lot of money. Additionally, you can use the Cloud solution in order to run in any country since it has CDN around the globe.

Now let’s imagine you were to use a self-server tracker and your server was based in Europe, but your target audience was in Asia.

What happens then?

A redirection delay can last for several seconds, which will negatively influence your profit.  There are two drawbacks to Cloud solution, though.

First: it only stores data for a limited period of time. Thinking about checking one-year-old stats? Forget about it.

Second: the most important flaw. Due to the fact that all your traffic and campaign’s data is hosted on a server that isn’t yours, other persons will definitely have access to it. I guess you’ve gotta believe they’re honest.

  • Protect your data. Apart from that, Voluum positions itself as a safe solution. It protects your traffic from third parties, making sure it’s not hacked or stolen.
  • User-friendly. This is so true. Voluum is logical and really easy to work with. It allows you to run huge amounts of traffic.
  • Variety of stats. It provides you detailed info on your stats. You can have structured data on your audience – country, operator, OS, type of device, conversion hour and even IP. Thanks to it, you can optimize your cost.

In case you notice that a specific device is only losing you money and not bringing enough conversions to cover costs, you can cut it from your targeting and focus on profitable devices.

  • Split-tests. If you work with Single Offers, Voluum provides you a split-testing option, which means that the same traffic will be redirected to several different offers or even partners and you can see which one is more profitable for you.

Afterwards, you can drive all your traffic to the best offer or set the percentage rule on which amount of traffic will go to the most profitable offer while the rest of the traffic can keep being tested with another offer.

This approach will increase your profitability in the future.

  • Landing pages’ tests. Voluum also gives you the opportunity to rotate different landing pages for different offers. Indeed, you can always test, optimize and also adapt this parameter.

Platform Overview

Let’s take a look at the platform’s demo version (which you can find on the Voluum website).

By logging in Voluum, you’ll be directed to the Dashboard (picture below). There, you can check stats on campaigns and offers which are running as well as the graph to visualize your results.

On the top, you can see some brief info about overall performance. You can see Visits, Clicks, Conversions, Revenue, Cost. You can check Profit and ROI for the selected period, just above.

On the left you’ve got info on your top 5 campaigns, countries, traffic sources and offers along with the corresponding profit.

On the right, you have an interactive graph with access to the overall performance parameters.

Voluum Overview (1)

Honestly, the dashboard tab isn’t actually something that’s normally used by Media Buyers.

What matters to them is this: the more detailed campaign list, which is shown below.

You can access it by clicking on the Campaigns tab.

Here, you can see the main menu panel with the campaigns tab selected.

Voluum Overview (2)

I’m gonna go through it and check all the menu tabs in one of the next articles.

Want more?

I’ll also give you some guidelines on how to set your Voluum account and launch those cool campaigns!

In campaign tab (picture below) you can see all your campaigns which are running at the moment, along with the stats.

You can access a large variety of parameters: Impressions, Visits, conversions, average CPA, CPC or CPM.

Voluum Overview (3)

By clicking on each of your campaigns, you’ll land on the offer stats. If you’re doing a split-testing of different offers, you’ll see stats on each of them and will be able to estimate corresponding performance (see example below).

Voluum Overview (4)

Moreover, if you’re running several landing pages for each offer you can also check stats on them by clicking on the offer. We’ll check split-testing and landing pages in the next article so don’t worry about it just yet!

You can further analyze the performance of your offers by different parameters. For this purpose, Voluum provides you very useful filters.

You can play with them and analyze your performance from different perspectives.

Let’s say that you’re running an offer in several countries or you’re promoting a Smartlink which has different offers for all the countries. In that case, you can set up filters in order to see which country is performing better for this offer.

Then, you can go into even more detail and see how different OS behave for each country in terms of profitability.

Here’s the picture of how filters look like.

Voluum Overview (5)

Your stats

Voluum Overview (6)

As you can see, you’ll end up working with tree-structured filters. You can organize the process of your stats, analyzing them as you wish. You can sort filter options by default.

In fact, you can sort options such as Affiliate Network, Brands, Browsers, Browser Version, City, Connection Type, Conversions (clickid info), Country, Day, Day of the Week, Device Type, Hour of the Day, IP, ISP, Landers, Language, Mobile Carrier, Models, Month, OS, OS Version, Offers, Referrer, Referrer Domain, or State/Region.

Apart from that, you can set your own variables which you wanna filter by and see the stats.

These variables depend on your traffic source.

Here’s another cool feature that Voluum has in store for you: it’s already integrated with a huge range of traffic sources. What do you need to do?

Just pick the one you want and set the offer link correctly.

Here you can see a list of default traffic sources in the Traffic source tab.

Voluum Overview (7)

If you select one of them (let’s see the example of ExoClick) on the advanced settings of the traffic source tab, you’ll see parameters that are already predefined.

Voluum Overview (9)

Those parameters will appear on your filters and you’ll be able to see full stats on them. For this to happen, you need to set your offer link correctly. Wondering how to do it? No worries! I’m gonna tell you all about it in the next article!

Here’s an example of which additional filter options you’ll see in case your traffic source is set as ExoClick. This way, you’ll be able to check your stats by such parameters as Campaign ID, Variation ID, Domain, Site ID, Zone ID, and Category.

Voluum Overview (8)

Using these filter options, you can check (for example) how a specific campaign on ExoClick behaves by selecting the Campaign ID option.  If you apply another filter (for example, site ID) you can understand which sites on that specific campaign are doing great and which you’d better cut in order to avoid losing that sweet cash. If you apply a banner ID filter, you’ll have stats on which banner is working for that campaign and which isn’t. In addition, you can go into even more detail. How? By applying all 3 filters available (Campaign ID – SiteID – BannerID) you can check which banner is the best for a specific site on that specific campaign.

Let’s see another example of a demo account. Since the traffic source isn’t pre-defined (Demotraffic source) on the advanced settings, variables are set manually.

Voluum Overview (10)

On the picture below, you can see that 2 additional filter options have appeared: Variable 1 and 2, which will allow you to filter by both site and keyword.

Voluum Overview (11)

This is the result of applying filters. For each offer you can see the website ID, then a keyword, and the corresponding performance.

Voluum Overview (12)

In conclusion, you’ve got a whole lotta combinations of 3 drop-down filters available in order for you to find the perfect way to analyze stats. This is another reason why using Voluum is so amazing!

Voluum really is a special platform. In the words of one of my affiliates: “If I wasn’t already married, I’d marry Voluum” 🙂

Loved this part?

Then you’re gonna be excited to know Voluum Guide Part II is waiting for you!

Good luck to all!

See you in the next article!

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Next week, I’ll let you know more about integrating Voluum with your offer and traffic source 😉


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