Nelson mobideaHi, I’m Nelson,

I started in the company three years ago as a Mediabuyer. I actually didn’t even know what “mediabuy” was before and I knew nothing about the industry.

The fact is I liked it from the beginning, I love numbers, analyze and work with them. When you love what you do, you learn faster. To be honest, I found the “perfect” job for me, my passion.

What really fires me up is to be able to see right away the impact of my job: tomorrow I will see the results of what I did today and this is one of the best things about doing performance Mediabuy.

After this, I started to speak with the affiliates to advise them what to do and how to increase their revenue. Here the best part is to be a “consultant”, tell the affiliate what to do and see that he is happy with the tips. It’s a different way to apply my analytical skills but I enjoy it as well.

One of my main concerns is to find new segments, new ways to get the traffic no one wants and make money out of it, test new adnetworks. Basically, increase the volumes and worldwide coverage…and the revenues as well! In my case, the bad decisions/tests have a bigger impact on my mood than the ones that work well, “a tree that falls makes more noise than a forest that grows”.

Elena mobideaHi Guys, I’m Elena,

Apparently, it’s not really easy to describe myself, such a mysterious and complex person I am, that don’t even know where to start. My skills and background brought me to the place I am now – Online Analyst.

Let’s start with my background. My first degree in math gave me the ability to deal with numbers easily, be able to see the overall picture and provide a detailed analysis as well.

Economic education made me comfortable with business terms, understanding general needs of business and clients and ability to work with people from different countries. Moreover, I have 6th chakra open which is very important for media buyers – so, guys, work on it 🙂

I started in the company as an affiliate manager for Russian and English-speaker, and I think I did quite good cause I attracted new and helped loyal clients to grow with my up-to date advice and inspirational mood.

Lately, I became responsible for media buying part as well. APAC countries are my area of interest – there are lots of traffic with small payouts. I love the space for my fantasy in the creation of campaigns, testing and choosing the best strategies in the field where even small adjustment can boost or fail my profit.

AndréHi guys, I’m André !

I’m a media buyer and I provide support to media buyers and webmasters. I enjoy providing support because it gives you the opportunity to help and interact with people using the skills I learned. I like to be a media buyer because I love numbers, statistics and investing.

To have the best profit I have to analyze statistics and plan the best strategy which is entertaining. I am the responsible for a region called Rest Of the World (hereafter ROW) which combines the African continent with the United States and Canada. The biggest challenge for South Africa is to increase the profit every week using different strategies and new campaigns.

Using information in a creative way allow us to create and test possible profitable campaigns. A different but also amusing strategy has to be used in the USA. This country needs a deep analysis due to the large amount of traffic. We should invest in very specific campaigns with very specific segments. As you can see the subject is wide but simple and you can amuse yourself earning money.

HelenaHi Guys, I’m Helena

Since the beginning of my childhood, I knew I was crazy about Maths and businesses. My favorite game was playing as a merchant, imagining I had a shop and personifying a buyer and a seller looking for the best trade.

Some years later I studied Management and I started to work on Online Marketing… it was like eight years ago.

I’m a real media buyer now (not only an imagination of a young girl), using my Economic background and Professional experience to play with numbers and ratios in order to get the best result. The South European market is the one of my responsibility, a very unstable and competitive market that challenges me every day.

I love the fact that this market pushes me to my challenge zone, exploring new ways of doing things, using my creativity and logic abilities to increase the results and testing my skills. I’m also a Spanish speaker, passionate about the Hispanic culture and eager to help others doing what I love and learning with them.

My objective is only one: bring the best margin to my partners, because I can only smile when they smile.

Karina mobideaHi, guys!

I’m Karina!

I guess I am really lucky to be here and have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience as an online analyst but also as a person with you.

Since I remember I was passionate about numbers, pragmatic logic and business. This lead me through the path of technical and management studies giving me a solid background and helping to become who I am today.

Currently, in the company, I am responsible for media buying and contact with affiliates. My region of responsibility is South America – a rather unstable in terms of performance segment and sometimes with lots of volumes, unpopular countries and small payouts, which gives it even more adrenaline and interest when you want to work on it.

I treat very seriously the fact of helping you to grow and share my tips, it is my private mission 😉 I am also passionate about getting to know new cultures and languages – so do not hesitate to contact me at any time, in any language and I will be glad to give you a hand!


Hi, I’m Sílvia!

Since I remember being myself that I have been amazed by how things work – how the universe works and how things are interconnected and influenced by all the internal and external factors. This curiosity led me to take my education (all the way to a PhD) in Physics.

I never thought I would end up working in media buying, especially because I didn’t know what it was before coming to Mobidea! And you know what? I am loving it! Being a media buyer is a challenge since the market is dynamic and we have to read the patterns and pay attention to the changes and details. It is very interesting to see how different countries need different strategies and what works in each one of them, how the competition behaves (and how to beat them!) and the new opportunities that arise.

Plus: I find very appealing and rewarding to help and share my knowledge and experience with others, to help them to grow and get high profits. So don’t hesitate to contact me if you want any tips or advises!


Hi, I’m André

I’m a media buyer that started working in this area as many of you did, not knowing much about this business. But with a personal taste for logical thinking and mathematics, I learned and adapted strategies to get the best results possible.

My degree in Management gave me the background to be critical and sensible when analysing data and also the ability to adapt to the dynamism and challenges of the daily work of a media buyer, always looking for the smallest detail or pattern.

I’m in charge of the media buying activities in South America, which is a market that I prefer working on because of its low payouts and high volumes, which means lots of data and room for different strategies! It’s a segment that never ceases to amaze me with daily challenges that always test my skills and push me to work harder and improve abilities to the next level.

This job for me is quite interesting and I think also for anyone who loves dynamic markets and statistics, you’ll have always something new to do: checking new opportunities to do business, analysing campaigns, adjust strategies and try new ones in different countries, etc! If you have any doubts don’t be afraid to contact me, I’m glad to help!

130x130_RaulHi, guys!

I’m Raul!

Since I can remember I’ve been interested in numbers, logic and how different aspects affect the world in so many diverse manners. After an undergraduate degree in Management, I decided to enter further into the rabbit hole and got a Master’s degree in Finance.

This background prepared me to face the challenges I have to deal with as a media buyer, because although a totally different field from any other I studied or worked before, at the same time it is very similar in its nature and in the skills needed, such as logic, attention to details, having an eye for detection of trends and things like that. Especially regarding finance, we deal with bids and competition on a daily basis, so I felt pretty much at home since the beginning!

I am responsible here at the company for Eastern Europe plus Portugal, Spain, and Italy. It has been a challenge, especially because these last three countries are very volatile and competition forces you to be always aware, but when you reach good results the feeling is amazing!

What I learned throughout my life is that if I wanted to summarize the reasons for 99.9% of the events and changes in the world I could do it with only one word: incentives. Everyone reacts to incentives, either in your professional or personal life. So master them and you’ll be the master of whatever you are dealing with.

I like one quote of Steven Levitt, the author of Freakonomics: “An incentive is a bullet, a key: an often tiny object with astonishing power to change a situation”. So let’s find the correct incentives so that they can work in our favour and keep growing our knowledge and money. If you need anything don’t hesitate in contacting me!


Hi, guys!

I’m Rodrigo!

I’m an Online Analyst. My hours are filled with dynamism, activity and lots of numbers. I am passionate about new ideas, amazing innovations, and tough decisions. As a Media Buyer, I enjoy using different strategies to solve problems. I find the process of analysing data, later using it to reach my goals, to be truly fascinating.

This business was completely new to me, but I rapidly adapted to the market and got addicted to this money machine. At the moment I work with Central Europe, and I’ve been enjoying this hard GEO because I’m a fan of huge payouts and lots of competition! Right now, France and Germany are my greatest challenges.

I’m part of an awesome team and I’m excited to work with them. These guys are the best colleagues I could have asked for since there’s a spirit of companionship that drives our business. We help each other and learn something new every day and that’s why this is such a cool job!

If you need to learn more about the business, you should read our Mobidea Academy articles because they’re a great source of Media Buying content. If you have any doubts you can always contact me!


Hey, guys!

My name is Dima.

I will probably start with a brief description of my life journey. Almost 3 years ago I was lucky enough to come and study in Lisbon. Thus, I ended up with two master degrees, one is in marketing and another one is in finance. Such academic background allows me to see the bigger picture, think out of the box and at the same time be strategic and analytical.

As you may guess, I am still here in Lisbon, working as Online Analyst in Mobidea, and I have to say I am extremely happy about it. Seriously, I just cannot imagine some place better than this one for me at this point of my life! Needless to say, that I am surrounded by the friendly, smart and just awesome people.

Currently, I am in charge of media buying activity of United States, Canada and all countries on the Africa continent.  You could never take this region seriously, and probably this is how most of the media buyers see it. In fact, this is one of the reasons why it performs so well for me ;). In addition to the low competition, Africa has a huge amount of traffic and moderately high payouts.

I also serve as Affiliate Manager for our VIP affiliates. It’s a pleasure for me to talk with such keen and wise people (if possible I would definitely take few lessons from them J). Together we make great teams that bring abnormal profit for all of us!

I wish you all high returns and do not forget to have fun!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



I’m Maria!

As a kid, I always felt like I was kind of anti-mainstream due to the fact that I loved math. It felt like a nightmare for everyone but me. It seemed only logical to pursue something math-related in my education, so I ended up graduating in Business.

After I was done with college, I was lucky enough to find a job that combined two of my passions: marketing and math. Even though I knew nothing about the mobile marketing business, I dove right in, experiencing the challenge of being an Advertisers’ Account Manager on Mobidea.

This job is challenging. Every day is different than the one that came before. Every day, a new advertiser is ready and eager to start working with us while current ones keep searching for new ways to increase their campaigns’ performance.

I’m never bored! In fact, there’s always something new to explore in an advertiser’s portfolio; some analysis we can do to help them grow their number of users. In addition, there’s always a lot of challenges we need to respond to when external issues affect campaigns.

All things considered, the coolest parts of this job are dealing with people from different cultures, adapting strategies according to the segments they work in, and working as their consultant to help them grow.

My objective: to be their ally as they beat the competition, enjoying the feeling I get when I realize my work has had a positive impact!


João Oliveira’s here!

I’ve loved video games since I can remember. I enjoy being digitally connected. That’s how I learned to speak English and how I’ve been able to make friends from all over the globe. Language and Marketing are my two greatest passions.

It is because of these two worlds that I decided to embark on my journey with Mobidea, in 2013.

Back then, my goal was simple: to deal with Mobidea’s amazing advertisers, answering their questions. I really enjoyed getting to interact with folks from all over the world; people with different educational backgrounds that hailed from different cultures and that had so much potential and so much to teach me.

Now three years have passed and I still love my job. Talking to advertisers is always good fun and it’s really super entertaining. The markets are always changing and we need to be constantly adapting to new rules, new flows, new campaigns, etc.

My daily goal is to make sure I leave the office knowing our affiliates are making more money than they were three years ago and that advertisers are receiving the best possible traffic.

These two goals are everything to me! If I can get home feeling like I’ve accomplished these two objectives, then I’m a happy guy!

130x130_martim2Hey guys! The name is Martim!

From the first days of my life until now, I’ve been all about people. I love listening to stories and share my own. Dealing with people has always been one of my strong traits. No surprise that I work as a support professional at Mobidea, helping affiliates from all over the world getting started in the business and increasing their revenues.

Having studied Political Science and International Relations, I’m all about diplomacy! Seeing things from the full perspective, listening to grievances and, above all, presenting solutions to problems. I see myself as a practical person, always willing to help others with a smile on my face.

The success of my affiliates is my success, and that is why I eagerly focus my work on them and provide support on a daily basis to them.

If you ever happen to find yourself in a middle of a problem, with no solution at hand, look no further! Get in touch with us and we’ll make you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

guilhermeHi guys, I’m Gui!

I come from an analytical area – having studied IT & Business Management in the university. Even so, you can also find me in other creative projects, such as crafting some music or producing written content of various sorts. In fact, I think both worlds (analytical and creative) not only complement each other, but they probably also expand the other’s reach.

Currently, I’m an affiliate manager at Mobidea, with a specific focus on Social Media Marketing. In this particular digital zone we find very dynamic markets, fully capable of achieving great results since many people live and breathe an active digital social activity in websites and apps. Besides, and also as a plus, it’s a continuously evolving space, so my team strives to keep on the edge of what’s happening, learning new techniques, and sharing the best revenue making practices and segments with our publishers.

I see the Mobidea Academy as a great community that has one clear goal: to improve knowledge. Our objective is to get the most innovative input about making it in this mobile digital economy. It’s important to gather as much useful info as possible so as to produce the best decisions, which will ultimately convert into abundant profit.

I’ll be seeing you around, with more good news and information that will get you all those awesome leads!

joao aguiar mobideaHi! I’m João, Mobidea’s SEO Guy!

Since I can remember, the internet has always been something I loved. When I was a kid, I used to spend countless hours online, becoming marveled by the amount of info I could find. Now that I’m doing SEO in Mobidea, I can put theories into practice and help Mobidea become the number one affiliate marketing platform around.

I hope readers can learn something from the articles I create and the best SEO practices I share! Knowledge is everything and – in such a complex affiliate marketing world filled with info – it’s important that users can see the Mobidea Academy as a great source of educational information.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate and send an email to

Take care! 🙂

xavier santanaHi, I’m Xavier!

I come from a background of finance and management which means I love numbers, sheets, data and live for analysis. This is the reason why I like to say I was born to be dedicated to Media Buying. This business is all about analyzing, testing and experimenting with different banners; it’s about seeing what others don’t after spending hours surrounded by numbers. It’s a thrill and a hunt and I happen to think it’s the best job I could possibly have.

When I was in college I used to think about how to create an algorithm that could provide the best offers for users interested in exploring adverts. Now that I’ve been in Mobidea for 3 years, I can honestly say I feel destined to be part of such a forward-thinking, technology-loving company!

I hope readers can enjoy my articles and learn something new in the Mobidea Academy. My goal is to get everyone excited about Media Buying. I know this is a hard job but it gives you a rush that’s difficult to find in other comparatively boring occupations!

marianna novi

Hi! I’m Marianna!

Let me tell you a bit about my life!

Since I can remember, I’ve been interested in two subjects: maths and foreign languages. Later on, I took a specialization of Informatics in Economics in Moscow. This is a pretty wide field. Indeed, I had to work with maths, analytics, developing, programming, and management.
Even though the degree was awesome I couldn’t stop there. That’s why I decided to travel and take specialized courses of project management in Canada, working in the customer service world at the same time.

This experience and knowledge helped me to see any project from different perspectives. It also gave me a good professional background that really made a difference when I was searching for jobs in Lisbon. Luckily, I was invited to join Mobidea. I couldn’t possibly imagine anything better for me!

When I arrived, I started working with affiliates. I supported our users, helping them deal with any issues they might have had. Later on, I became a member of the Product and Development Team. As a project manager, I’m now able to apply all my knowledge and notions of affiliates’ needs for creating new features for the platform.
Isn’t it great?



Guest Writer – Matej (a.k.a Matuloo)


My name is Matej, but most people online know me by the nickname Matuloo. I’ve been using this nickname since I registered at the first online forum, which was back in 1998. Yes, I know: I’m a dinosaur in the online world. I fell in love with affiliate marketing at first sight, and it’s what I’ve been doing since 1998.

I started in the adult side of the business. Later on, I started to dab into mainstream. Throughout the years, I’ve done pretty much everything there is to do: Toplists, SEO Sites, Picposts, TGPs, MGPs, Review Sites… mostly running on organic traffic, boosted by heavy traffic trading. I also helped build large local mainstream sites – real estate portals, several e-shops, car selling portals… Indeed, it seems that surviving almost 20 years of online presence gives you a lot of experience!

Eventually, I got tired of fighting against Google for their traffic. That’s when I started to focus on media buying and working with paid advertising in general. That’s how I discovered Mobidea, at the time that I was looking for a reliable mobile network to work with.

For the past 18 years, I used to do my thing and stay hidden in my office, but I finally decided I got bored and needed a change. I started to attend industry events and meet people face to face, which added a new level to our communication. I figured I actually liked talking with people and loved to answer their questions as I believe I have an advice or two to share.

Long story short: this made me accept an offer from the guys behind Stack That Money to become one of the forum’s moderators. And that’s why I also agreed to become a part of the Mobidea Academy and write some useful articles for you guys.

I hope you’ll like my future articles. In case you want my help, you can find me at the STM Forum. You might also want to follow my blog, that I’ve just recently started. You can find it at the very innovative and surprising domain name: Matuloo.Com

sara_moritzHi guys!

I’m Sara!

I am an Account Manager at Mobidea. It is my pleasure and privilege to speak with media buying affiliates and webmasters every day. I consult them on which segments and offers to target and on how to set up and optimize their campaigns.

With a background in tourism and marketing management, people as well as numbers have always played a big role in my personal and professional life. I enjoy the fact of interacting with so many people from different cultural backgrounds and I really appreciate the relationships I develop with them over time.

It is exciting to be on the hunt for emerging segments to advise to my affiliates – and see how they successfully grow in our cooperation. No day is like the day before, which makes this experience very unique!

olessya mobidea

Hey, I am Olessya.

I come from a sunny land of Nomads – Kazakhstan. I have traveled and experienced a lot, but Lisbon grabbed my heart, and I decided to stay here, creating the bright future of Affiliate Marketing with Mobidea.

After living in China, the US, and Europe, I’ve been able to understand that I can easily interact with different cultures, which helps me to understand each of you guys!

I have studied Marketing, and worked before in Digital, so I am the right person for you to ask about online promotions!

I am the first one to help you and the first one you’d speak with when you reach out to Mobidea, and I love it. Seeing you grow makes me feel like I am growing as well.

Enjoy our articles and good luck to you all!


Hi guys! This is Eva!

Since I was a kid, I always loved traveling around the world and meeting people from every single corner of the globe! It is such a fulfilling experience that I don’t really have words to express it! My other passion is Online Marketing & Innovation.

Thus, I ended up studying Marketing in Peru (where I was born and lived almost all my life) and after working some years in Product Development, I decided to do my Masters abroad. This took me to The Netherlands where I did my MBA, which helped me to see the full perspective when working in a company!

Afterwards, I decided to move to Portugal (where the other part of my heart belongs, since I’m both Peruvian and Portuguese) where I was finally able to work in the amazing and passionate Online Marketing world!

I guess I found the mix between my 2 passions: Marketing & The World. Working as a Support Professional at Mobidea, I’m able to give guidance to affiliates from literally all over the world!

I feel so happy when I see that our affiliates are excited about working and growing with us! I love working in such a dynamic and constantly changing sector, where you always need to go beyond and embrace new and exciting opportunities!

I wish you lots of success in the affiliate marketing world and please never forget that the SKY’S THE LIMIT!

nuno_ribeiroHey people! I’m Nuno!

I’ve always been a bit of an unsettled guy, not in a bad way, though, but I’m always looking for new experiences and challenges. I guess I get bored easily and being born in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by so much freedom, only made it worse!

That’s why I love to travel, see and experience new things. I believe that’s why I had so many different jobs since I finished my degree in Economics. From working in Sports with athletes with disability, to the management of European grants to R&D, to an experience abroad in San Francisco bridging the amazing potential of Portuguese startups to the unique tech ecosystem of Silicon Valley, I finally found my passion here in Mobidea as a Network Account Manager.

This is where I’m able to talk with people from all over the world, not only with my Affiliates but also with my colleagues, and solve challenges every day in such a constantly evolving industry such as Online Marketing.

This mix of challenges with the international environment in and out of the office, made me settle and start doing something that’s really fulfilling both professionally and personally.

I’m sure we’ll always be here to help all our Affiliate Networks getting the results they look for with Mobidea!


alejandra hidalgoHey there! I’m Alejandra!

When I was a child, I used to pretend I was a sales woman and thought of me as a super fancy sales executive. Since I remember, one of the things I wanted to do the most was to travel the world and work in an international office.

That’s why I decided to live six months in Vancouver, Canada to improve my English skills before starting my studies in International Business in my lovely hometown Medellin, Colombia. After my first experience abroad, and a mandatory condition in my Bachelor’s degree, I discovered another passion: languages! That’s why I started to learn Portuguese as a third language.

As there is no better way to excel in foreign languages, I came to Portugal in order to finish my Bachelor’s degree and improve my Portuguese. Little did I know that I was going to fall in love with this country and that Lisbon was going to steal my heart. This led me to a full relocation and study of my Master’s degree here. Living in Europe has been an amazing, life-changing adventure.

During my studies, I was able to learn that my professional passion was Marketing, but not the traditional FMCG. I wanted to be in a fast-paced, high-tech, constantly changing, digital field to be challenged every single day and to work in several languages, with different types of clients from all over the world.

At this point, Mobidea and I crossed paths and my experience with Online Marketing started. I found my Happy Place working in Affiliate Marketing! This is where all my passions meet!

As a Networks Account Manager, I’m able to help other Networks increase their revenues, speak in my three proficient languages, and meet my personal sales goals, while enjoying the amazing life in Lisbon.

Colombian tip: go where you feel alive and do what you love the most!


rodrigo salema

Hey guys! I’m Rodrigo!

From my high school years I always knew I wanted to go to a Business or IT course. In the end it was a Business major, but believe it or not I found an area that joins these two grand areas: affiliate marketing!

My fundamental trait is my international exposure and strong analytical skills in Business intelligence. I consider my double degree masters in Holland/Lisbon as well as my Erasmus experience in St. Gallen University in Switzerland to be immensely enriching. It was obviously an advantage to learn in countries of such great management heritage and so richly imbued with modern ideas.

I have a strong bug for the entrepreneur spirit and this allows my analytic capacity to flow and flourish. I like to analyze all the aspects of a new business and how to increase it. This trait took me to help a Portuguese retailer launch their online presence for office supplies and later allowed me to do predicted models in stock manager!

After that, I discovered Mobidea! I had to do my best and use my skills to show people that my expertise could be useful in a digital marketing environment. With lots of effort, patience and persistence I soon became ready to completely embrace this new ground.

As a Business Analyst here at Mobidea I gather information, visualize data, and analyze the results to solve problems and offer solutions and make sure we are getting the best money for the traffic at hand!


Luis alvesHi, I’m Luís!

Ever since I was a kid I was crazy for 2 things: numbers and money. However, it was only after finishing my studies in Management and International Business that I realized I definitely wanted to work in Business.

So, for those of you who do media buying for a living, you can understand my happiness when I discovered this world. The opportunity of working in Affiliate Marketing on Mobidea came knocking on my door and I started by creating campaigns, optimizing them, and making them profitable.

After making money in Media Buying, I decided to take on an even greater challenge and started working directly with our Partners in the Business. I now put my skills to practice by designing the best strategies to maximize the revenues of Affiliate and Ad Networks that work as our publishers.

Read our posts to reach the top!

mariana neves mobideaHi guys! I’m Mariana!

I’m a tech girl, always connected to the Internet 24/7! Most of my childhood memories are about playing video games, talking on the cell phone and loving computers.

As I grew older, I decided I wanted to have a broader perspective of life and that’s why I did my bachelor degree in management. However, a few years later, I found my true calling – Marketing – and decided to take a Masters in this field with a specialization in digital marketing.

Another big passion of mine is sports and sneakers! You can always find them in my feet since I have a huge collection. Before I joined the Mobidea Crew I worked in one of the biggest sports companies in the world.

I love marketing, technology and the digital world! Here, I’m part of the Network’s Business Analyst and Developer team. As a strategist, I need to be creative, coming up with the best plan that meets the needs and expectations of my publishers. I always have to be one step ahead, suggesting new segments and opportunities that will help networks skyrocket their revenues!

Before I joined the Networks team, though, I was part of our awesome Support Squad. I was in constant contact with our English, French, Spanish and Portuguese affiliates, always helping them with anything they needed!

Wish you the best of luck in the affiliate marketing world!

If you see a girl in some cool sneakers then it’s probably me! Feel free to come chat!

daliya khussainova mobideaHey guys!

My name is Daliya. I’m a Community Manager here at Mobidea, though some of you might know me from Support!

I come from the sunny land of Kazakhstan, where I spent my childhood. I later moved to Prague, Czech Republic for my studies in Marketing Communications, and that’s where I grew up and became who I am now.

Since my Nomad soul doesn’t let me stop, I moved to Portugal. Here, I became an MSc. in Management, and got to be part of the best team ever – Mobidea.

I’m happy that my knowledge and intercultural communications experience are now a part of the whole process of making your life better.

Now that I am here to explore all internet’s got on affiliate marketing, get ready for the hottest topics, and the best articles coming your way!

I hope the Mobidea Academy helps you get one step closer to your dreams, and I’ll make sure to do my best for it!

Good luck to all!

tatiana alshevskaya mobideaHello, I am Tanya!

Several years ago I came from Belarus to Portugal to do my Master’s degree in International Business, that gave me the ability of critical thinking and analyzing the needs of business in details. On Mobidea, I work as an Account Manager and happy to help media buyers and webmasters on their way to success!
Since I remember, I was always interested in communication with people that have a different cultural and professional background. That’s why I’m grateful for the opportunity to communicate with affiliates from all over the world!

The thing I enjoy in my work is finding a new opportunity for my affiliates, giving them advice and seeing their revenues growing! Developing a long-term relationship with the affiliates and working as a team is my priority!

I wish you all good luck in the amazing journey of affiliate marketing!

If you need any advice, I am always here for you!

francisco guerreiro mobideaHey guys! Francisco Guerreiro here!

Coming from a coastal town, I always liked to stay up to date about any world events.

I always enjoyed swimming and have done it for many years since I was a little kid, at a competition level.

I am an economist, heart and soul! And the mobile revolution is a big economical transformation happening right now.

This guy has been part of some interesting projects. I have lived and studied in Sweden full time! And I had a few brief interesting stints mixing drinks, too!

I now work with Networks’ partners as an Account Manager and help them get the best results by partnering up with us.

This is the job, people! This my passion! The challenges are different every day and when you see the results it’s very rewarding. I also get to occasionally meet some of them at trade shows. Sharing a drink with someone who helped make a lot of money definitely makes it easier to socialize.

In life, you should never have regrets about your decisions. Choosing Mobidea as my place to work was definitely the best thing I did because when you choose a job you love you will never have to work a day in your life!


elisa messidoroCiao, ragazzi!

My name is Elisa!

I’m an Italian girl with a great passion for technology and someone who loves to travel around the world and interact with people.

I’ve studied Economics in Turin and then found out that my true calling was Marketing, so I decided to take a Masters in this field. I worked in a big advertising agency in Turin for a couple of years. Then, one day, I went for a surf trip in Portugal, and I suddenly fell in love with this country. I came back a couple of times for holidays but I realized that I wanted to relocate to Lisbon permanently, and that’s exactly what I did!

It was here that the opportunity of working at Mobidea came knocking on my door. I feel so happy to have found the perfect mix of my passions, while enjoying life in sunny Lisbon!

In fact, as an Account Manager, I deal with affiliates from all over the world every single day, giving them advice and seeing their revenues grow!

I wish you success in Affiliate Marketing! If you need any advice, you can always contact me!


joao_pereiraHi, guys!

João, here!

I grew up in Alentejo, a beautiful part of Portugal where amazing landscapes meet the best food of all time!

Unlike most of all my colleagues, I didn’t grow up surrounded by numbers and the internet. Where I came from, people take a lot more and love communicating, building relationships, and bonds with each other.

I always loved people’s interactions and that’s why I decided to study Psychology. Joining Mobidea game me the chance to work in an environment where you need to connect with people and help affiliates grow.

I’m always learning and finding about new ways and techniques to take my affiliates and the company to the next level.

I hope you guys keep on reading our Mobidea Academy articles since you can really explore this content to maximize your revenues.

Cheers to all!

david monteiro
Hello, guys!

I’m David, a digital product designer focused on creating images for social networks.

Luckily born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, the best city in the world, I’ve come across Mobidea due to my interest in webdesign and marketing, having already worked on another digital marketing company.

I studied Communication Design on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Baixa, Lisbon’s coolest area. I’m passionate about visual communication and the navigation experience of the current online user.

Mobidea is the perfect place to apply my visual skills and knowledge, since this is a company driven by the latest tech and visual trends in the business!

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